September 2017

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Browse our range of activities, which use readily available resources, and be equipped to respond to children’s interests in a spontaneous way. This month teacher Claire Hewson continues her exploration of shapes for two-year-olds, and suggests ways that the Mr Men books can provide terrific tie-ins to link learning to literacy. For older children, foreign language learning is a great way to develop flexible thinking at an early age. Judith Harries provides a practical guide to introducing Spanish through counting games and songs, that are great for number skills and linking to summer holidays.

You can also catch up on this month’s policy developments and sector news, brought together in one handy guide. Find out how the forcast is looking for the September roll out of 30-hours ‘free’ childcare and how technical glitches in the government’s Childcare Website is causing headaches for parents and providers who are on board. For a more calming vibe, hit the Forest School trail, and find out how its ethos is flourishing.

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