June 2017

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The June 2017 issue of Practical Pre-School introduces a new series that will help boost your confidence when it comes to delivering maths in the EYF. In part one, early years expert Hilary White provides a guide to unlocking children’s innate mathematical abilities, beginning with an understanding of number and how to count accurately.

Elsewhere we ask how do you know when children have learnt something securely? Jenny Barber explains how to observe and record these important ‘snap shot’ moments and build on them with activities which extend learning and well-being.

This month’s EYFS activities section is packed with sunny-day activities and ideas for learning which can be incorporated into every day routines. Karen Hart links packing toys away to personal social and emotional development, with an emphasis on children working independently and collaboratively. When it comes to team work, help children to make friends by practising social skills, using puppets to explore emotions and social graces.

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