February 2018

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How does your garden grow? We check on the progress of the sensory garden we established last month and outline how to link changes in the natural world to literacy activities. Help children to discover the creepy crawlies that thrive in winter and develop new vocabulary to describe them.

Core strength is key to children’s physical development and our experts have plenty of ideas for setting up your role-play area so that bending, stretching, pulling and pushing are part of self-directed play.

In our guide to using woodwork, we focus on exploring size, weight, position, distance, problem solving, and exploring characteristics of everyday objects.

Don’t miss this month’s round-up of key sector news and get tips for your next Ofsted inspection with our behind-the-scenes peek at one pre-school’s on-the-day experience. We also examine why new parents often feel lonely and isolated and suggest how early years practitioners can reach out to them.

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